Dry Burst DB-100S: Twin Impeller Counter Current for Small Scale Production Dry-type Milling Equipment

Compact dry-type milling equipment with excellent maintainability!

The "Dry Burst DB-100S" is a space-saving dry-type milling device that supports continuous production of low-contamination powder with a particle diameter of less than 10 µm. The powder is produced by colliding the raw material particles with one another using the air flow generated by two rotating impellers. Compared with jet mills, the particle diameter can be better adjusted without over-pulverization. Furthermore, the running costs are lower since the unit's power consumption is low.

Processing capacity
~4 kg/hr

Sugino Dry Burst DB-100S
What is Dry Burst?
Pulverizing material by collision force or high shear force utilizing airflow
Get fine particles with minimal contamination.

High pulverization capability

The unit's counter air flow enables micron-order pulverization, while also producing a sharp particle size distribution.

Low Thermal Effect

The unit comes with a standard water jacket and an air classification that helps to minimize the thermal effect.

Easy to Maintain

The pulverization compartment can be opened without the use of any tools, making access easy during maintenance work.


The main body of the unit is compact with a width of 535 mm, depth of 410 mm, and height of 480mm.

High Reliability

The unit makes use of our proven high-precision mechatronics and know-how in atomization technology.

Application Examples

Inorganic materials (electronic parts materials, etc.) Organic materials (pharmaceutical raw materials, food, and biomass) Wet materials, etc.

Superior Cleaning and Maintainability


Pulverization Mechanism


If you'd like to discuss your specific application or needs, you can get expert help from a Dry Burst product specialist. 

Max. rotation speedrev/min20000
Processing capacitykg/hr~4 (differs depending on materials and particle size)
Main BodyDimensions (W × D × H)mm535 × 410 × 480
Power Supply-Single phase 230 V  2.2 kVA

Pulverization Data