Cavitation Water Jet Peening

An innovative processing technology that improves the fatigue strength and life of metal parts by utilizing water.

High pressure water is jetted into the water at high speed from a special cavitation-promoting (air bubble) nozzle to cause cavitation, and GPa (gigapascal) class impact force when bubbles collapse near the workpiece produces a peening effect. 


Increased fatigue strength:
Applying compressive stress to a depth of about 1mm from the surface.

Longer life:
Improves fatigue strength and life.

Clean processing method:
Shotless processing method using only water, no cleaning process required.


Strength and long life:
Increased fatigue strength of steel and aluminum alloys

Prevention of stress corrosion cracking:
Welded parts of structures

Removal of undissolved surface, surface finish:
Post processing for additive manufacturing part

Cavity Bubble: Birth → Growth → Collapse

Improved Fatigue Strength

Compressive stress can be applied to a depth of nearly 1 mm from the surface layer.

Long Life

Fatigue life and fatigue strength can be improved.

A clean processing method

  Shotless processing method
  Uses only water
  No cleaning process required

Process Comparison
Sugino Harnesses the Power of Water
We have a long history of utilizing water to cut, to deburr, to clean, to atomize, and now to peen metals. We started working with water nearly 60 years ago - and have become masters at using renewable natural resources and incorporating sustainability - to affect industry and manufacturing.


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