Sugino Superoll MAC tool being used for machining free cutting steel

Meeting the Challenges of Machining with Free Cutting Steel

Free cutting steel has many advantages and is often used for its easy machinability. But these same malleability properties make roller burnishing and surface finishing difficult, as it can easily flake when pressure is applied.

Let’s dive in to learn how we helped a customer manage the machining challenges of free cutting steel with Superoll.

So, when a client came to us for help reaching surface finish specs, we recommended Superoll MAC.

The competitor’s tool that they were using was causing the free cutting steel to flake and they could not achieve their Ra 8u roughness specification. And to add to the problem, the hole diameter was very small, only 0.157” with a 1.67” depth, limiting the range of tools available to fit the part.

Sugino Superoll handles a part with a small hole diameter for burnishing

But Superoll MAC has an automatic tool diameter compensation function, which allows for consistent, even pressure. It automatically tracks the pre-hole diameter, delivering a stable finishing surface.

And it is compact enough to work in their automotive brake cylinder.

The compensating pressure of Superoll MAC had an unexpected bonus as well. It increased the longevity of the tool parts significantly:

Competitor’s tool life

  • Roller – 9,800 (parts burnished)
  • Mandrel – 16,000
  • Frame – 59,000

Sugino’s Superoll MAC tool life

  • Roller – 31,000 (parts burnished)
  • Mandrel – 103,000
  • Frame – 123,000

Problem, solved.

Watch the Superoll MAC in action:

If you’re having surface roughness and roundness issues, talk to us. We may be able to meet your specs and exceed your expectations.


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