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Tank Cleaning Equipment

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Tank Cleaning Equipment
Tank Cleaning Equipment

Customers turn to us at Sugino Corp. for solutions to some of their biggest industrial challenges. Cleaning the inside of containers and tanks, for example, is a process that can be extremely time-consuming when approached with conventional methods. To help alleviate this problem, we offer a variety of tank cleaning equipment. Nearly all deposits in tanks, reactors, and other types of containers can be effectively removed with high pressure water. Our tank and reactor systems are specially designed to peel and clean the scales evenly and uniformly. These systems help conserve water due to shorter cleaning times, and the automated process cuts down on labor costs. We design and manufacture all of the components for these water cleaning systems, including high-pressure pumps, nozzles, devices, controllers, and more. We offer a variety of systems to suit many types of reactor, storage, and polymerization tanks. To learn more, please contact us directly.

Applications Include:

  • Polymer Tanks
  • Reactor Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Fermentation Tanks
  • Small Tanks
Reactor Cleaning System

Reactor Cleaning System

Sugino Reactor Cleaning Systems are designed to safely and effectively clean scale and deposits from the inside of polymerization tanks, reactor vessels, and storage tanks using high pressure water. We design and manufacture all of the relevant items for the system including the high pressure pump, cleaning device, 2D or 3D nozzles, and controller.

To request a copy of the Reactor Cleaning System Catalog, please submit an RFI and check the "Request Product Catalog".

Sugino Pump

Sugino Pump

From our original plunger type pump design in 1964 Sugino continues to develop new technology such as hydraulic intensifier driven and servo driven pumps. Our pumps are used in many industries and applications including washing, deburring, chipping, peeling, and cutting.

To request a copy of the Sugino Pump Catalog, please submit an RFI and check the "Request Product Catalog".

water tools accessories

Water Tools and Accessories

Sugino offers a wide variety of attachments used to perform many tasks including cleaning of plant systems, coating and peeling, concrete chipping, and cutting of various materials. Each is designed to help these daily operations to be more efficient and effective.

To request a copy of the Water Tools and Accessories Catalog, please submit an RFI and check the "Request Product Catalog".