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CNC Machining Centers and Modules

When customers require accurate, high quality, and precise CNC machining systems, they can count on us at Sugino Corp. to provide them. We have been providing innovative products for manufacturing for nearly 80 years, exemplified by our line of CNC machining centers.

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CNC Machining Centers and Modules
CNC Machining Centers and Modules
Our Xion-II 5AX Compact Precision 5 Axis Center, for example, is designed for high speed precision machining while maximizing floor space. It also keeps down operating costs as much as 50% when compared to other similar models. We also offer a variety of self-unit CNC machining modules, such as the Model H-720. This unit is built especially for transfer and index machines, and provides large transfer and fixtures spaces due to its horizontal design. Many other CNC machining centers and modules are available in addition. To learn more, please contact us.

CNC Vertical Machining Centers
Vertical CNC Machining Centers
Horizontal Machining Centers
Horizontal CNC Machining Centers
CNC Machining Centers & Modules
CNC Machining Modules
5 Axis Machining Centers
5 Axis CNC Machining Centers